Give thanks in all circumstances

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Hello, dear @SaltandLight
This is what I try to do all day for each things that happens to me, because God has a plan and each little thing that happens is an step on it, and step to love, happiness, peace and truth with him. We can understand it some times, only when we have arrived to the destination we’ll realize how each thing or person was put the by God for us!
For better or for worse, all is part of what must be done to achieve the goal he has for us.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hi @SaltandLight actually 1 Thessalonians 5:18 is my life verse. In Everything give thanks because this is the WILL OF GOD. so any circumstances happen to us wether if we feel it is Good or Bad it still Best because that’s God will for us (concerning to us) Also, every time that we are saying THANK YOU (repeatedly) you ATTRACT MORE BLESSINGS TO COME ALONG YOUR WAY. I believe that whatever words utter from our mouth it will happen

Yes, @SaltandLight. No matter what we are going through, we must thank the Lord for everything. Good or bad, it is still a blessing from the Lord because it may be an opportunity to learn and to become stronger. We must remember that God will always have a plan for us and He wants us to have a successful life while spreading His goodness. Give thanks to the Lord!

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Thank you for this reminder! Yes, we have to give thanks in all the circumstances we are in because every situation has its purpose in our lives. God allows us to be in different events in life, whether bad or good, not to destroy us but to keep us strong and will-powered. Praise God for the lessons.

We should be thankful in every condition, even in adversity as well as prosperity in our life. And a good place to start giving thanks in everything is in prayer…We can trust God to work everything together for our good, even in situations where it seems impossible for any good to come…the key is always " be grateful"…

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Giving thanks to God in tough times is like a doctor giving the patient a very bitter pill to swallow and the patient would say thank you doctor for that bitter experience. Not knowing that the bitter pill he swallowed is the cure for His ailment. God is like this to His people He gives us hardships in life which are too difficult for us to handle, but later on we realize that the trial we experience is what refined us and made us whole.

Hello @SaltandLight When we gain revelation on this truth then our thanksgiving to God doesn’t rely on the circumstances around us, but rather, the strength we find from a good God in us.
I am discovering that giving thanks to God in all circumstances creates security and hope, it keeps my heart healthy and un-offended. The circumstances we face may be grim and our questions may go unanswered but if we give thanks in the middle of these circumstances we will come to know God in ways we could never imagine.

@MakkaPakka I totally agree with you, God teaches us how to be grateful in every situation we are facing today.
I know It may be hard, BUT REGARDLESS how hard or difficult our life, we can find reasons to Thank God. I am so thankful that by the grace of God, He is sufficient to sustain us.

True @Jojoy…whatever circumstances we will encounter whether good or bad, let us be thankful because no matter what happens God is with us and we will not bear it alone…we must also be grateful from small things to big things that we will receive from him, despite the situations we have right now.

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Through good times and bad times, we must draw ourselves near to the Lord God and thank Him for everything. A bad thing may occur but there are still millions of things to be grateful about.

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