God always works before us. Amen

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God always works before us. Amen

God always works before us. Amen

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We may not understand God’s plans but trust that He knows what He is doing. He knows the desires of our hearts even before we ask. He hears our prayers even in silence. He sees everything we’re going through and He got the best plans for all of us.His silence doesn’t mean His absence. Never let the presence of a storm make us forget the presence of God. Trust that He is working everything for us. And believe that God will fight our battles before us. He is bigger, greater and stronger than any storm.

Hi there @SaltandLight. I hope you are doing okay.
Amen to this. God knows what is ahead of us and we should give our whole trust in Him. Even though we do not know where He is taking us, we should always choose the path of goodness whenever things don’t go well. Remember that God is always by our side and He will never abandon us. Let us continue spreading His good news and inspire people to do good.

Hello, dear @SaltandLight
I can’t agree more with you! We don’t understand as we are governed by sin and earthly desires, but everything that happens to us has a reason, a reason by which God has worked before to protect us and make good things happen. This is how much he loves us! He never stops.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.