God did a medical miracle in me (with MRI images); God appeared to me with a message for everyone

God did a medical miracle in me (with MRI images); God appeared to me with a message for everyone

From brother Michael Kotch in Christ:
Hello. My name is Michael Kotch. I am attaching a video in which I give a testimony to my church about a medical miracle God did in me. I provide MRI images of the medical miracle as proof. God then appeared to me twice after the miracle. In his first appearance, he explained how he did the miracle, and the reason for doing it is so when I teach and testify testify about him to others, the MRI images along with my testimony will strengthen the listener’s faith in God. In his second appearance, he let me experience the love he felt for me as my father, which was overwhelming. He gave me this message: “Tell others that I love them the same way I am letting you experience my love for you. But I am heartbroken, because most do not love me back. They do not want a Father telling them what to do. I respect their free will, but let them know that I want them to invite me I to their lives as their Father and God so I can love them the way you are experiencing me love you.” I was then I. The presence of God, which I explain in vivid detail in the video. A tremendous faith in God strengthening video.

awesome, brother. :blush::fairy:

Really. GOD Almighty appeared to you?
Would you be willing to say that in front of the Judgement Throne of Christ?

I know that God heals people in miraculous ways. I’m glad you didn’t state in the text part of your message anyway, that some “super Apostle” healed you. I have no problem believing you were healed and don’t need MRI results to confirm or deny it for myself.

But claiming that God Almighty appeared to you? If He really did, you fell on your face in utter fear and revulsion of self. If you did not do that, He did not appear to you.

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Sounds more like the specialists that trained for decades and the engineers who spent countless hours designing the MRI machine should be thanks here.

How about a summary for this 70 minute video I’m not going to watch?

The only reason he is showing people the MRI is because many so called believers are talk only but never really believe what the Word of God says, God earns for a relationship with Him, and to me showing the MRI image is proof enough to people that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God bless you .


We do not know who’s MRI it is or when it was taken. Why a person feels the need to thrust forth “proof” of healing is beyond me. Are they trying to convince themselves? Or just trying to convince others, though their healing came through care from human doctors?
Those are the only questions I have left on this one. I’ve been healed too. But I don’t feel the need to SELL it.