God doesn’t owe anyone mercy, He owes us judgement

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God doesn’t owe anyone mercy, He owes us judgement, yet He has chosen to be merciful and gracious by sending His beloved Son to die for undeserving sinners like you and me. That’s real love, and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

Janice Calacal

Amen God is Sovereign

Ershiana Naidoo


Sandra Nelson

Praying for you!

Bella Mitchell

You do not clearly understand the bible! Jesus soul purpose was mercy!! Past present future for all mankind who accept the lord. Without Christs forgives Christianity has absolutely no point at all. You may as well practice Judiasm if you want to remain in condemnation.

Antonio Johnson

What happens to all the people who died before Jesus?

Maxwell Taylor

Amen Thank You Jesus

Susie Jackson Spradlin

Thank you for sharing this.

Mila Jones


Heon Yalds

So grateful Heavenly Father! Thank you JESUS!

James Fields

Amen. Mercy triump over judgment

Ben Ching