God is for you, not against you

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Amen. This is true, God is with us not against us. Although sometimes I become selfless and harsh for myself but God is with me no matter what I do and what I feel. Be thankful for God because He never give on us ever since and our faith must reighn to us.

Yes. God will never be against us. God will always choose what is best for us because He wants us to grow with goodness just like Him. God’s plans for us in the future is worth waiting for. He will always choose what is right for us at the right time. We should be patient and strengthen our faith in Him.

This verse gives us hope, not that we will always prevail, but that our eternal destiny and the love of God are secure. Though we may suffer, we will not be destroyed. No matter how bad things seem, we must remember that “God is for us;” He loves us deeply. We are His children, with Jesus as our oldest brother (Romans 8:29).

AMEN! God is here for us all. He loves us and He even sacrificed His only son to save us all from our own sins. That is how much He loves us and He will never go against us. Trust in the Lord God and everything will be alright.