God is love rather than a religion

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Earlier, the sign of God’s love, the cross of the Passion of Jesus Christ, is a great sign of how much God loves us humans. I posted a video of the commentary. Christians know that faith saves them from eternal life to hell to heaven. However, if the motivation for continuing to believe in Jesus Christ is a religious person who wants to avoid going to eternal living hell, he will get tired and quit. However, the belief in the joy of loving God, feeling loved by God like blood circulation, receiving a lot of love from God, pouring it, and enjoying God’s love every day is God’s. Observing orders is not a burden. It is not a burden to carry a self-sacrificing cross because you want to see the smiles and joys of your beloved children. I am happy to live in faith for the joy of sharing the joy and happiness of my favorite brothers and sisters. God is love. A true Christian is a believer who feels loved, rejoices, and empowers this love of God. Christians who do not love their brothers and sisters are still living a religious life in death. I am a religious person. Being in the sense of God’s love, I love people :heart: I want to shed God’s love and restore that soul to my loved ones :heart: People who live surrounded by loved ones really A person who was saved. I am happy to be with my loved one. I am happy to be with Jesus. I will not sin so as not to make the Holy Spirit sad. A religious life that is wary of sin is not a burden. Giving back to Jesus who loved me, for the joy of Jesus, for the joy of Jesus, even if it would be a burden to try to be a loved one myself, like Jesus, self-control for the joy of later You will continue to have power. Love is only beneficial and gives people. But anti-morality is only harmful to people. It is also harmful to itself. Sin is harmful. Love is harmless. Love is joy, happiness, peace, security and peace. I don’t brag about love. God is love. It’s not a religion.