God is never late! God is not slow, God is not late, He knows what He is doing

God is not slow, God is not late, He knows what He is doing, and we just need to patiently wait upon Him.

"At the right time, I, the LORD, will make it happen.” - Isaiah 60:22 NLT


This is very timely. This fast few weeks has been hard and rough. I know that God’s plans are always better than mine. He knows exactly what is in my heart and mind. His faithfulness always saved me all these years. Especially in the most down moments of my life. When He says, wait. I shall wait. When He says, I have bigger plans for you. We should trust Him. Pray. Trust. Believe. One day, when the time is right, We will receive everything we asked and prayed for.


Thank you for this. @FaithinGod. It gives me courage to do more what He commanded and His plans. Maybe from the nightmares happened to me for a month, He has reasons and lessons which help me to live according to what He being showed. I never imagine that I might loss my confidence, but I’m sure there are blessings that will come. I might affected with this pandemic but this will not affect my hope to live back to the life I’ve been before. God is never late and not slow when there’s person who beg His help. :pray:

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Hi @FaithinGod.
Amen to this! I strongly agree because God has timed His doings. God knows what we are capable of and He has perfectly timed everything that we will go through in life. Despite the hardships, He knows we can do anything! When we are with God, we can do everything because nothing is impossible with Him. Let us all continue strengthening our faith in Him and do what is right. Everything else will follow.

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Amen. This reminded me of God’s perfect plan for our lives and His faithfulness. He is always on time. We may rush, worry, and get anxious about everything. But God is greater above all those. He is in control, we just have to align our hearts to His will.

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True! God’s timing is the best and perfect timing. He will leave you speechless! :yellow_heart: God works wonders and knows what is best for us. Let us be patient and give Him our full trust.