God loves you more than you think

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God loves you more than you think.


Indeed. Let us take away all our doubt and lift everything up to God.
God created us and He will always want what is best for us. No matter what challenges we face, He is there to guide us and lead us to the right path. We should also do our part in being Christ-like to our neighbors. Let us spread God’s goodness and love.

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Very true! At times when I feel like a complete disaster, God tells me that I am not. He shows me how worthy I am of His never-ending love and care. Thank you for this, @SaltandLight and of course thank you, Dear God, for the love you offer us all!

There is no doubt that God loves me and all of us… the fact that everyone of us is safe with this pandemic is a very strong proof of God’s love for us his children…sometimes when we encounter problems, we tend to withdraw our relationship with God, but God’s love for us is intact whether we distance from him or not…

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Very true, it happens to me, it give me hope for my life and encourage me to be strong. God’s love is unmeasured, so be faithful when things aren’t easy. We will see the goodness of God when we wait and it is more what we think or what we ask for Him. Do good so others can do good also. A Gods love is umeasurable. :blush:

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God didn’t bring us this far for nothing. He has brought us this far for a purpose. He’s not done with us yet. Never give up and never stop believing. His overflowing love for us has saved us a million times. Give our entire attention to what God is doing for us and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will always help and protect us, He doesn’t make us suffer for no good reason because He loves us. It’s all part of the bigger plans.

God’s love for us is constant, and eternal. God has loved each of His children, every moment of every day, since time began, and He will continue loving each of us, forever. He has thought about each of His children, every moment of every day, since time began, and He will continue thinking about each of us, forever. And God has constantly been with each of us, every moment of every day, since time began, and He will continue being with each of us, forever.

Hello @SaltandLight Amen to that! God’s love is unconditional: He loves us regardless of what we think, feel, say and do. God loves us just as much when we do the wrong thing, as when we do the right thing. He willingly, and lovingly, forgives us for every wrong thing that we do: No sin is too big for God to forgive.