God Remains the Strength of My Heart

Reflection from Diane Francis

You will never find the end of my love. It stretches wider than the horizon, longer than eternity, higher than heaven itself, and deeper than the ocean’s depths. Many times, I have placed you under the fountain of mercy and washed your soul, your conscience, your heart. I restored you, because I love you. You will never find the end of my mercy. :ear_of_rice:

I am the God of all grace. I comfort my people in my love. You call me, “Father.” And a Father I Am to you. No one has yet to exhaust my grace. As far as the sunrise to the sunset, that’s how far I have removed your sins from you. I will give you mercy until the end of time. You will never find the end of my love. Give freely what you have received. :yellow_heart:

By: B.Simmons/G. Rodriguez

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God is good! Even at times when I do not feel like I deserve His love and understanding, He proves me otherwise. He shows me how much I deserve to be loved. Thank you Lord God for your endless love and understanding!