God uses people

One an atheist got up on a soap box on a sidewalk. He started railing against God. He would repeatedly say such things as, There is no God. God is only a figment of the imagination. God doesn’t exist. Finally, he said, “If there is a God let him strike me down!” A soldier happen to come by and heard what the atheist was saying. He punched the atheist in the mouth and knocked him off the soap box. Then he told the atheist, "God uses people."

Robert Morris Fare

So what I’m understanding from that story, is that God is too weak/non-existent to strike someone down himself, and requires believers to be violent in His name, without ever providing proper evidence

Brendyn Fehr

Everybody knows Jesus would never punch someone in the mouth for being an atheist. ……. He’d use a whip of cords. Get your theology right,

Art Guerra

In my opinion, if one truly believes God does not exist , he wouldn’t be attacking God at all. This guy, I think, is convicted that He does exist. To cover up the angst he feels, he is railing against Him.

Judy Meyer