God will never forget about you!

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God’s love never changes. It remains the same throughout all ages. The scriptures say that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son and whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Such is the love of God. He never forgets His children. He never forgets His promises. His love is from eternity to eternity. Sometimes in our darkest moments, we think that God has forgotten us. In our failures and defeats, we think that we are alone. We kind of feel that everything is falling apart and that God is not listening to our prayer for help. Actually, God is with us through all the different kinds of ordeal. He says surely our earthly parents might forget for some reason, but God will never ever forget us.

Hello @Jenny amen! Here is the great promise of God found in today’s psalm: “God will never forget the needy.” He is well aware of your situation. Your enemies may dupe others but they cannot deceive God. Be patient. God will lead them to the pit they have dug and entrap them in the net they have hidden. Pray. Wait. And watch.

God will never give up on us. He is our redeemer all through-out. There are times I become weak but God reminds me to get up and look into the brighter future and hope that He show to us. I thank God because He still at my side when I feel alone and become weak.

God’s love for you is born out of creating you. God has formed you and has a unique love for you. But that is where the comparisons between God and a mother end. You see, it is possible for a mother to neglect her child. Incomprehensible as it may seem, a mother may even abandon and forget her child. But not God! He promises; though a mother may forget her child, I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FORGET YOU. How can you be sure? He has engraved your name on His hands. He has etched you into the very flesh of His hands, a place He will never forget. Today, choose to rest in this truth; He knows your name, He loves you, He will never leave you or forsake you.

Indeed, @Jenny! God’s love is constant and it will never change. His unconditional love for us will go on even though our beliefs change. God knows us from the start til the end. Let us all remember that He will always be there by our side because He cares about us and on what we will go through.