God will open doors that you didn't even knock on

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Yes He did. He solves problems we did not even know were there and are making our life hard. The things that are making us weak that we failed to recognize? He sees it and He will put an end to it. We are human beings, we don’t always see everything that is going on with our lives. But God sees it and works on it. That is how powerful our Lord God is. Praise the Lord!

Hello, dear @Jenny
Yes… This is because has a track for each one of us, with his ups and lows, but with a goal so good it will always be worth it. During this path we will find so many people, and so many doors, that even without knowing are becoming open for us and only us. You could say that praying and accepting God in our hearts give us a cheat code for life, because it let us perceive and see these opportunities more easy, we only need faith, believe to see, and all we’ll be given.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.