God Will Supply All of Your Needs

Devotional from JM Lopez Ocasion

Daily Devotion

There are a lot of people hurting right now. There are people who are struggling. Maybe you are in that boat too? You have been laid off of your job, or COVID has wiped out the economy. In times like these, you have to trust that God will supply all of your needs. Trust in His Word and watch as He provides for you.

If you are struggling today, don’t be consumed with worry. I know that it is easy to say when you have a hungry family and bills to pay, but we can take God at His Word. He knows your needs. Go to Him in prayer and let your requests be known. Watch as He provides in ways that you didn’t even think of. Give Him praise when your needs are met. God will supply all of your needs.

God is a giving God. During this hard time, our emotions are all over the place because of the essentials we are lacking. God knows what we need and He will give it to us. Let us believe in Him and pray to Him every single day. God will hear you because He is a loving and understanding God.
Do not fear because the Lord is with you.

It has been a very rough day for me. Work, school, and personal problems just rushing in my life and mind. Thank you for this beautiful reminder! God heard and saw me struggle again and He, as always, never fails to remind me that He is always here for me. Thank you, God.

Thanks for posting it here @Maya and thank you for this devotional JM…As this pandemic started, never did my family experienced shortage in food nor had a problem about finances…not to brag and be boastful, I really do save for emergency not just to my own family but also to my immediate family… I am just overwhelmed of God’s goodness because he let us also share it to other people who are struggling to meet their daily needs.

This is painful. Especially for those who lost their jobs and unemployed. To those children with empty stomachs and those suffering and battling diseases. Let us pray for everyone. God will provide and give all our needs. He knows our pain. He hears us crying and he sees our situation. I know it may be hard to see his purpose for what He is doing. It’s okay to be mad but please hold on and trust that He is working things out for our own good.