"God without man is STILL GOD but, man without God is NOTHING"

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Not a day goes by that we’re not in need of God’s grace and peace. Every morning we need His Spirit to fill us again, to strengthen us for what’s ahead. Every day we need a fresh word that He speaks to our hearts, to help keep our focus on what’s more important. Trying to run this race of life without Jesus will do nothing but drain us dry.

Hello, dear @Jenny
I agree with you… This is something that is hard to accept, but the truth is, God doesn’t need us. He created us and gave us free will to do as we wish. He only acts and takes care of us by pure love. This is not a necessity for him, he just makes it out of pure love for us, his childrens. We are the ones who need him, without him we are all incomplete. That’s the truth we must accept to open our hearts and receive his peace.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@Jenny i am nothing without God. Because of him im still alive, and im giving myself to him as a sign of total surrender to him… Let God be god and let him rule you in every single day of your life. Let us cast all our anxieties to him and let him help you or get all of this and ease your pains

Hi there @Jenny. Amen, indeed.
Man without God is nothing. We were created and molded by God himself. He showered us with blessings as we grow and He gives us opportunities that we can take for us to be successful someday. He is always helping us everyday and we are nothing without Him. Let us thank Him for every single day we are living and strengthen our faith in Him.