God's Calling For Me

Hello Friends, I want to introduce myself and tell you about my calling from God! I have struggled lately in a job I do not like, just going through the motions to get to the end of the day. I have always wanted to start my own business based on my background in coaching, both from an employer-to-employee coach relationship and a Life Coaching relationship. I have stopped and started this process several times and tried to find a niche that spoke to me. I wanted to help others but didn’t know whom to help and what to help them with. Nothing seemed right to me, and I prayed for answers and guidance to help. But no matter how hard I prayed, God never gave me the answers I sought.

I stopped asking God for help and started asking God, “What can I do for you?” I stopped treating God like my rich uncle who buys me gifts and began to lean into God and ask Him what I could do for Him and how I could be of service. Once I did this, God spoke to me, and I now understand His calling for me: to be a Christian Life Coach. Helping other Christians understand God’s calling for them and help hold them accountable for the required action. To be their biggest cheerleader as well as their accountability buddy. Allowing them to work the plan that God has created for them.

I am excited for the opportunity to live out God’s plan and to help others to do the same.