God's love never changes!

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God’s love never changes

Even after Adam and Eve fell,
God still clothed them with garments of skin.

Even after Gain murdered his brother Abel,
God still placed protection on him.

God did not suddenly become loving towards sinners in the New Testaments.

He is the same yesterday, today and forever.



@FaithinGod truly that God’s Love never changes! The moment that God decided to give His only Son –Jesus Christ up until now that He is there watching over us to guide us, to deliver us from all evil and to give all that we need Indeed, that God is love. He never fails to love us unconditionally

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Yes!! We have such a loving and understanding God. He knows we are not perfect but He still loves us. He knows and sees us sin but He still loves us. Despite every wrong thing we have done, He chose to see the good in us and chose to love us and accept us.

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Indeed God’s Love never changes!.

Though we fall sometimes his gracious and mercy saves.
He will be the same forever. Jesus Loves us even though we are sinners. He always see the goods inside our heart, and That is we can change. Let us repent! and change our life.