God's Playbook for Dads: Bible Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coach of All Time

God's Playbook for Dads: Bible Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coach of All Time

Dads are their kids’ coaches in life, and that requires a ton of prep work—not just on how to train them but to lead them as well. These 200+ devotions act as a dad’s game day clipboard, a blueprint for success as a role model—to teach kids how to live in a hard world full of ups and downs, wins and losses, strengths and weaknesses.

Bible wisdom, insightful quotes from other fathers, and encouraging inspiration grounded in God’s teachings will give dads the tools they need to craft a strong offense (engaging with kids) and defense (growing personal faith).

Does this book tell you everything about being a good dad? No, of course it doesn’t. However, I found that the principles discussed at the beginning of each section are pretty profound even if they sound like common sense. As my son was born a week and a half ago, I have tried to ponder on this little book and how I might apply it’s principles. Definitely a good quick read for a first time dad. And I would say a good refresher course for dads of many years or many times over.

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A father’s day gift from my kids. I’ll try everything in here, no problem. I’ll report on how effective all of it is when I’m a grandfather.

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Fathers defenitely play a very important role in Child’s growth. This book of wisdom for fathers gives great insights and wisdom to fathers. Can be a great gift to dad’s on father’s day!

Happy Father’s Day dads!

If you have read the book or planning to read the book do post your interests and comments below :slight_smile:

The same author wrote this book

Weird & Gross Bible Stuff by Rick Osborn and Quentin Guy

as well as this book!

The Wit and Wisdom of Quentin Crisp

Quentin Crisp is apparently either the original name of the author called “Quentin Guy” or another name for the same person, regardless of how many names he has.

Quentin Crisp is actually this:
A writer and publisher of supernatural fiction
Quentin S. Crisp Wikipedia

I would be wary of this author.

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Thank you for this! My father is quite in a rough path as he tries to understand the word of the Lord God. He has numerous of questions we cannot answer. I hope this will help him! God bless you!

Hello, dear @Moses_C
I was just looking for something like this. I’m not a father myself, but I do have a little sister who I’m always trying to get involved more in Christianity. I know she has faith, but I always want her to have more and live more happily. And the only way to it is with Jesus by our side. It surely will be a great addition to my library.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

This books looks amazing. I’d love to get a hand on a copy. Being a dad is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. One of the first gifts I got from my kids was a poster that said: Dad, a daughter’s first love, and a son’s first hero. 'Love it!

I thank my heavenly Dad for giving me the chance to be a dad to three children.