God's timing is perfect!

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Hello @Jenny Yes indeed! God’s timing isn’t just good; it’s perfect. He is omniscient and knows all things in the past, present, and future. The Lord sees every aspect of our lives, including our needs and desires. In His great wisdom, He understands what’s best for us. His divine schedule for our lives is always perfect and achieves His good purposes. In contrast, we are often in a hurry to get what we want. Since we have limited knowledge and understanding, we should pray about the situation and wait for God to unfold the path He has for us. But in our haste to move ahead, we often make big decisions without asking the Lord to show us His perfect timing in the matter.

God’s timing is absolutely perfect. We should always remember that God knows when the right time is. Let us not worry and doubt about the future because God has great plans for us and we should continue following His path. Let us continue spreading His goodness because through His footsteps, we will go to somewhere greater.

@Jenny amen! Amen to this! God’s time is always the best time… I my self can testify that. There are times that i really dont understand why those things happened to me, example is that i didnt graduate on time. I was so upset… But God explained it to me that if i graduated on time i would not get the job that i Wish for… He delayed my graduation for me to apply for my dream job.

Hello @Jenny Yes Amen! God is eternal. He created time, so He exists outside of time and is not bound by it. That’s still something I can’t quite wrap my time-bound mind around. Still, He is a master of timing. You could even say He is the master of dramatic timing, but not for the sake of drama. He does it for our sake—for our faith. His timing allows us to practice faith, and it provides us a foundation for faith