Good thing and a privilege to be thankful for not to be feared. The Lord will bless you greatly

When God called me I said you have to be kidding, you want me to do what? And just like Moses did, I went over the list of all of my weaknesses and failures with Him but I finally gave in kicking and screaming and accepted my fate and when I did I realized the Lord had been preparing me all of my life for this and began to relax over time. That is why I tell people to not be in a hurry to get a calling He will pick the right time for you. I began this major ministry at 53 years old but had been serving the Lord in other ways since the early 70’s. At one point I was Teen Challenge staff in California. I sang on TBN when they were still new and even saw Catherine Kolman during that time. I would never have imagined that I would be doing thing on the scale that I am now and at 68 years old and from home. I have spent the last 14 years street witnessing and when the virus hit everything changed dramatically like it did when the Lord first called me. Now the lord gives me the words and I just write them down and share them immediately online. So now I am sharing this testimony with all of you here and around the world with around 80,000,000 people. I must give God all of the Glory because if not for Him none of this would be happening.
When I am street witnessing I go to missions, rest homes the streets and busses and give away free wooden crosses and Bibles but I was getting complaints about the Bibles from the local businesses and even flyers because people were leaving them all over the place and they said it was littering so I had to stop and only give them to the rest homes and missions, large print Bible work great there. The universities supplied me with a table in the cafeteria to pass them out. I always check with the Police about the local laws about street witnessing, you don’t want to get on their bad side or they will stop you and don’t make the businesses or bus drivers angry some of them will work with you and some will not so be careful. I never fight with the authorities about my rights or I would be shut down in no time at all. I have done it for 14 years and have watched a lot of people come and go in a matter of days for being hot heads or asking for money. I have talked to over 100,000 people here in Salem, Oregon USA about Jesus. That is not including the 80,000,000 I have shared the Gospel of Grace with online since the virus.
When it is time and the Lord calls you to your calling everything will fall in place, doors will close and doors will open. Don’t be in a hurry when the time is right God will show you what to do when that time comes and not before when you are ready. There is nothing to worry about God is in complete control. When it does happen things will happen fast. Get use to riding in the passenger seat the Lord will be doing all the driving. Things will change all of the time so be ready for a wild ride of Faith but that’s a good thing and a privilege to be thankful for not to be feared. The Lord will bless you greatly.

John Halsell

Thank you from a 74 year old! God gave me Isa 43:7 & Acts 20:24 50 years ago, He’s still working. Praying for words to write.

JOhn L Kerr

My testimony is easy, I was and at the end of my tether and prayed for the first time with sincerity…The weight of my problems were lifted… I thanked God and said I will now go to church…He said come to my church…Amen.

Bob Dunn

Praise God, thank you Jesus Amen and Amen !

James Arsenault

God saved me 9 years ago, at age 45- I never ever want to be separated from Him ever again-I ran from him for 27 years- He has worked amazingly in me and I love to serve Him!

Grace Lily

Jesus will bring salvation with Him when He returns. Hebrews 9:28

Monty Wheeler

I spread The Gospel Of God Jesus And God The Father too everyone I can.

Anthony Akins

I’m a street preacher too bro. I totally feel this.

Jeun Chon