Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Hello, dear friends of Faith Pixel,
Today I want to remind you all and give a big and happy yell to all of yours and the user who are one:
Happy Mother’s Day!!

I know it will probably hard for some, with the quarantine, and even a weird one, but I hope you all have a great and happy mother’s day, if possible with your mothers. And of course to all user who are one, this is your day!
We must thank God for giving us such an angel that is always looking for us, teaching us, and loving us all time. Remembering some wise words: Deuteronomy 6:6–7: “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”
Happy Mother’s Day!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero


Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing moms! You are God’s instrument of love and wisdom. I honor you just for being who you are. And I pray for your journey, may you always be equipped with the armour of the holy spirit. May you enjoy your day! God bless you sisters! :tulip:

Happy Mother’s Day @MakkaPakka and to all the other mothers in this community! This world is beyond blessed for having such strong and compassionate mothers. Enjoy your day mommies! God bless you all. :yellow_heart:

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Here’s to all the mothers out there especially here in Faith Pixel Community. Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being an ocean of kindness and selflessness.
“An ounce of mother is worth a pound of priest”, an old Spanish saying. A mother’s prayers are a priceless gift, a real treasure, an earnest heartfelt force of power. If you have a mother who prays for you, you are indeed truly blessed.
Mothers have often shaped our world from the cradle by rocking, nurturing and instructing children who grow up to make life-changing and history making accomplishments. For every preacher, president, volunteer worker, employee, fashionista, technician, community worker, doctor , caregiver among others, there is a mother behind them who fostered her child to reach his/her full potential. :heart_decoration:

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Thank you Sir @Luis_Ruiz! Being a mom is a very tiring job but a very fulfilling mission. I have a great day today because I am exempted to all household chores even just for today :grin::grin::grin:… We went on a picnic near the dam and we eat lunch there, but we didn’t stay long as it is very cold and windy in there. I am glad that we are able to do the things that we used to do before because the restrictions here is already lifted and we only have 20 cases left in whole Queensland. Maybe two weeks from now we will be Covid free. Take care Sir!

@kbadum: thanks KB! Thank you for the kind words…Parenting is really tough! From doing household chores, cooking, cleaning, doctor’s appointments, and bedtime stories… I’m glad I am exempted on doing it today and have the time to relax for even just a day haha… Happy mother’s day to your mom as well…

Thanks dear @kianna…Being a mom doesn’t get easier each day, but it gets me stronger and transformed me to become the best mom my child could ever say in the future. Despite the sleepless nights that I have due to my sleeping disorder, I still manage to do things that I cannot explain. Like cooking food even if I am not feeling well, taking care of my child even if I am feeling weak, and a lot more. I may sound complaining, but the truth is I am a proud and a strong mom now! Happy mother’s day to your mom too @kianna:blush:

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Thanks @Jean! The saying “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed” by Linda Wooten is really true most especially if you are bearing a child. But no matter what you face there will be times when you will doubt your strength as a mother but there will also be moments where you look back in awe at how you made it through in tough times. Its a roller coaster ride, but worth the adventure! Happy mother’s day to your mom too.:wink:

BLESSED EVENING, since this is a special day for mothers i just want to tell all the mom in the world that you are the best of all the woman in the earth, i just want to recall some of a moms great did for their children. as a mother you gave birth to your children, you buy clothes for your kids that sometimes you forget to buy for yourself, if you go to groceries you think of what your childrens needs not your needs, work hard for your kids stuff, stressed in doing house chores, lack of sleep when we are babies, when someone hurt us you fight for us, do the laundry, cook food for us, when we have our problem you help us solve it and a lot more. but now that we are grown up, your still the same you are still the mom who always care for us … with all these, theres a lot of things we wanted to thank you… we cannot repay you mothers… you are hero for us…
Successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled. They are the ones who never give up, despite the struggles.
to all the mom-WE LOVE YOU and GOD LOVES YOU,

Kudos to you @MakkaPakka! Such an inspiring strong woman! Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day, I really do hope you’ll get a good night sleep. I can only imagine what sacrifices you have done as a mother, you deserve the best. God bless you!

@kianna: Hi dear! Thank you so much…Yeah I have a good night sleep last night despite that I slept late. For the first time in almost two years, I am able to sleep 8 hours without experiencing any distractions, and with a peace of mind. Chamomile tea do works! Haha… I thank the Lord too, as I really prayed for a good night sleep last night…

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Happy Mother’s Day to all, I am grateful for everything that my mother did to me. We know that our Mothers take different roles in our society- and through these roles, they nurture not just a family but the whole nation. Indeed, a mother’s love is the most unconditional and purest form our hearts. I love you Mama💕

Thank God, that’s wonderful! God is indeed good and powerful!