Has anyone seen Jesus Face to face in dreams?

jesus face

As far as I could remember, I dreamed about dying @FaithinGod and Aneta…In my dream, I was laid in the hospital bed because of a car accident… I saw all dead people who are close to me…my grandmother, grandfather, my uncle’s, and favourite cousin…as I lay down the hospital bed, I saw the doctor revive me and a white light appears…I only hear a voice asking me if I am ready to leave the life on earth and then I said NO…and then I woke up panting, as if my dream was so true…and then I realized how much I missed all my deceased loved ones…:pensive:


Wow, really? That’s amazing and scary at the same time. I would cry and have millions of life realizations if that were to happen to me. :astonished:

Yes dear @kianna…I really thought it happened in reality…I am glad it was just a dream because I am not yet ready to die, but I want to end the pain due to depression hehe…I told my mom about my dream and we immediately offered a mass to all our deceased loved ones…

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My sister too had a dream about my grandmother who passed away. It alarmed us all because in my sister’s dream, my grandmother said that she was not happy. It really scared us all maybe something is still upsetting her here. We all prayed after that and was still very shocked.

@kianna I remember a friend too had a dream with my late cousin…they were classmates since grade school…in her dream she saw my cousin so happy, she told us that he has a long hair in her dream and look so young…I really cried after she said that… that cousin I am pertaining was my best buddy ever! We grew up together and planned our goals together when we are young…he is just 3days ahead of me, that is why we are so close…he died when we were 3rd year high school because he had leukemia…

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I get chills whenever I hear people dreaming about someone who passed away. Sometimes, I just don’t remember my dreams. I wake up and be like wow that’s a nice dream and literally a second after, I forgot what it was all about lol