Has God given you any visions since you had faith? And would you like to share some vision of your life?

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Has God given you any visions since you had faith? And would you like to share some vision of your life?

In 1921 Jock Troup saw a vision of a man at Fraserburgh calling on God to send the evangelist to that town. On the strength of this, Troup left the work he was doing at Yarmouth and went to Fraserburgh. Soon after he arrived he went to the town square where a crowd gathered and he started to preach. Because of the intense cold Jock Troup suggested they find a church in which they could continue the meeting. Being a stranger in the town he had no idea where the churches were and the crowd suggested the Baptist Church. They arrived at the church to be met by the minister and his elders, who had just concluded a special meeting at which it had been decided to send an invitation to Jock Troup to come and conduct an evangelistic mission. Amongst the group of elders Jock recognized the face of the man in his vision! Fraserburg was the scene of some of the greatest work of God under the preaching of Jock Troup.

Sometimes God may give us vision through prayer, and sometimes He may give us vision through His Word. And there must be some vision becoming the vision of our life, would you like to share some?

On 5th September 2000, God gave me this shocking dream. At first, I did not realize that it had something to do with the end-time happenings. In the dream, I was together with a group of people somewhere in an open field not far from a big city. Many of them were drinking and having fun together. By the way, it was around midnight; they were still enjoying themselves partying. All of a sudden, I heard a loud sound and it went louder and louder. Suddenly the people around me disappeared and I stood there all alone. I was terrified! I turned to my right to see where the sound came from and to my utter shock, I saw a big plane flying very low in full speed with one of its engine on fire and smoke was coming out from behind it. It flew across the field and headed straight into the city. Then, it crashed right into the high buildings. It was a horrible scene. The city was on fire and I could see smoke rising so high. I could not believe what I saw because it happened so fast! The bushes were on fire too and I saw buildings collapse right before my eyes. Furthermore, I saw bombs raining down from the sky towards the city. The sky was bloody red and chaos was all around me. Suddenly, I found myself standing right in the middle of the city. It was very dusty and I saw debris and papers all around on the ground. I could not see anybody but I heard guns shooting and explosions all around me. Sometimes the sound faded and there was complete silence. I noticed that there were army tankers in the middle of the road. I felt so alone but I braved myself to walk along the five-foot way. While I was walking, I realized that someone was walking with me. I could not see him but he was talking to me at the same time. We walked pass a street with posters of famous Hollywood artists and actors. I saw the poster of Britney Spears, Elton John, and many moreā€¦

I woke up from the dream, not realizing that God was trying to tell me something. I drew the whole scene on a piece of paper so that I will not forget what I dreamt. A year passed and it really happened. On September 11, 2001, the dream became real. I was speechless when I saw the news in the television. Before the attack on September 11, I have never seen nor heard about the twin towers in New York. Ever since the night when God gave me that dream, God began to show me more revelations. Even so, I was still not very close with the Lord.

Faith, vision and dream:

Yes I do have spiritual visions in my life. This is my gift from God to help me see things clearly and correctly. A guiding tunnel to help me follow the right path.

God gave me the vision to study in Theology, and it does. i was surprised.
But some does not come, it is very confusing for me to understand vision.

Yes. This vision.


It has been the vision that has literally saved my soul from damnation.