Have you ever felt the call of the Lord?

Hello, dear friends,
Today I want to share with you a testimony or an history that happened to my aunt. But first the question: Have you ever felt the call of the Lord?
I myself never did, but the history is of my aunt, of whom I’m very proud. See, during her youth he was (you can say) a rebel, but always a good and religious person as we are in the family, after some time she started going to a religious group of missionaries, especifically: Verbum Dei. This is their website: https://verbumdei.org.
She started to live her faith in a more passionate and firm way, and she gave the same feeling to me and my brother. After some time she felt the call and wanted to be a missionare but it was rejected. She was very sad about it. She continued her life, started giving classes of religion in an school, and this year she felt the call again and went to try herself in a nun monastery. She’s there right now living her faith and acting in a variety of charity and religious events, at least until the quarantine started.
But I’m very happy for her, and I acknowledge how she felt the call and did not forget it ever, even at her age she still listened her heart and went to a different state with people she didn’t knew and make it.
To summarize, if you ever felt the call of the Lord, think about it and listen your heart. My aunt did it, and she’s living a dream for her.
So, have you ever felt the call of the Lord?
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Personally, I have not. But your aunt’s experience really is amazing! She was a rebellious child back then, but with God’s good grace, she left that path and followed the Lord’s path. :yellow_heart: Being in a rebellious state can be very hard and dangerous, kudos to your aunt, @Luis_Ruiz! She’s living proof of God’s goodness! :blush: