Have you ever lead a person to believe Jesus? Could you share the experience?

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Have you ever lead a person to believe Jesus? Could you share the experience?

I tend to see the whole “leading someone” or “bringing someone” to Jesus the same way Paul Washer does.
An old yet good saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!” is for me the same as “leading a person to believe Jesus”. I can only point and be a role model.

We can only evangelize. It is always the Lord Himself who initiates and completes that ultimate contact with Him that saves us. I’ve been around others who came to Jesus either in front of me or around me.

I have been especially blessed though. My best friend and I were, or I thought, saved at about the same time. Come to find out, she was saved about 2 years after me. So I was babbling on about what God had done in my life and how much the Word of God meant to me for 2 years without realizing I was evangelizing. I don’t know that it counts. But anyway, she was saved in 2017 and me in 2015!

Trust God. And the only thing I can think of to recommend is that you spend time with a person and talk honestly about the Bible (which means you have to be reading it, yes, daily). I never tried to “sell” her anything. I was just excited and wanted to share.

God bless, and I hope you get more answers. This is a really good question.

It would be a great joy to lead a person to know Jesus.

yes, i have lead. it is very long time. I teaught a student to study Bible study. After several times, she did not want to study. After almost several years, she told me with tears. She said her 20 years value was broken.
She is a studend of a good University, but finally she accepted.

Yes. But I believe God has prepare their hearts first and worked through my personal testimonies and knowledge on God’s words. What I did is nothing, God did it all.

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