Have you ever prayed for a demon that was tormenting you

Have you ever prayed for a demon that was tormenting you

Chris Roll

I mean the book does does say pray and forgive even your worst enemy… who is ste worst enemy as Christians… and dont exactly say not to pray for them… and only can jesus rebuke them. So its actually through him that their rebuked… and as far as already cursed and sentenced to the fire I dont think that happens till judgement day …and I kinda feel like that really what’s being thrown into the fire is sin. For none with sin can go into the kingdom jesus paid the burden of all sins so all that accept jesus can be saved … so if I was praying for a demon to be cleansed and saved I’m actually doing exactly what the book says too. Pray and forgive even thy worst enemy… I dont see praying for them as a bad thing so that they may repent be saved and redeemed… however though most demons hate jesus and will not accept him. So unless something changes the fire it likely will be for them… I do pray for all creation to find their way back home for God loves all his creation but hates sin… it the sin he hates not them…

Michael Shane Lewis

A true demon? Or someone who seems to be a demon toward you? Yes I pray for my tormentors. It’s hard.

Rita Quinn Dowdy

People think this is a crazy question, but read exodus, God can and does change His mind. Good question.

Ray Snedicor

A deliverance prayer.

She Na

I pray for every demon that has tormented me. I was also prayed upon by others. I am delivered but that doesn’t mean they will leave me alone. But through the blood of Jesus I am covered, I am secured, I am protected, I am sealed and no demon will ever touch me again. In Jesus I am safe. I will continue to maintain that status, that is to remain faithful, obedient, and to trust in Jesus. He is my everything. “No weapons formed against me shall prosper.” I love you Lord. For your mercy never fails.

Marns N Donna Levanatabua

I Always Pray About My Flesh that is By Nature is Demon or Wicked that Somehow God will have a Grace on Me that He take over my Life Full,. For if God will not take it over from my flesh, it will continue to do what is Evil against the Lord

JosHua MasGad

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