Have you experienced any miracles in your life?

Have you experienced any miracles in your life?
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yes, i have experienced many miracles in my early faith life. Later, God lead me by His words, and i rarely experience miracles.

Share some miracles you have experienced in your life.

I experienced healing from God when I was 8 or 9 year old. I had toothache and couldn’t sleep. At that time there was not dentist in my small village. My mom invited church members prayed for me in my house. I remember I had been kept crying and fell to sleep later on. Next morning my face was swell like had egg in my mouth, but my tooth was not pain anymore. I remember I look the mirror and thought the prayers worked. Since then, I hadn’t had toothache until my wisdom teeth grow out.

This is one of the miracles I experienced.

Christ reached me and I accepted Him, that’s the greatest miracle.

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I’m a housewife and business women. My work is providing good health to people.

I believe in prayer. Prayer has great power. God is always with us, He heals us, protects us and show us our way. Four years ago my son was suffering from chickenpox disease. I was alone to take care of him at that time because my husband was out of state. One of my business partners asked me to pray to heal my son’s condition. I had a little bit of doubt about it. But I called a pastor pray. I started believing because my son’s condition recovered day by day. Within 6 days he was absolutely fine. It’s a great miracle for me. Thank you Jesus.

The second miracle happened to us this year. March 21st my sister in law gave birth to a boy, who was not breathing at birth time. We started praying continuously. The doctors were doing their work. They were not sure he would live, because he was suffering from more than one disease. But I believe in God’s miracle, His power and His mercy. We prayed for him all the time and today he enjoys his life with the grace of God. Praise the Lord.

“I believe in prayer. Prayer has great power. God is always with us.”
The third miracle happened to myself because of my strong belief in my saviour and my God. My business was not doing well the last two years. Me and my family were going through a hard time these days. We did hard work to earn bread and butter to our children. It was a very difficult time for us. My whole team left us and my customers were not interested anymore. We were shocked. What happened suddenly with us? Last year I met a of friend on Facebook. He used to read the book Power of Positivity.

I started to read this book. I gained my energy back. I started follow the book. It was totally based on the Bible and written by a famous Pastor from USA. It gave me confidence and hope. But I don’t know much about how to pray. I pray but, I don’t know exactly what to do. Then I met UBS page on Facebook. I started to send messages to the admin. He praye for me all the time, in my hard time. I learn many new things from him and the posts about life and hope.

Now by God Jesus’ grace my business start going up and I strongly believe I gain my level and position again. In Jesus’ name.

Thank you UBS admin for your support all the time. Thank you dear Lord.
I love you Jesus. I shall follow you in my life every day because you gave me new hope. New life again to live. Thank you.

I have seen many miracles. One personal miracle I experienced was when I was 10. I was recovering from foot surgery but was still in pain. I prayed for God to completely heal me and then began to play. As I played all the pain went away. This is always a reminder to me that God is always listening even when we think our prayers are silly or not important. He wants to bless us.

I fainted after hitting my back head on steep concrete road while i was riding roller skating. I was biking toward somewhere on the foggy street as if someone was called to death into foggy place just before he or she died. At that time I felt someone was hitting my face, calling my name and spreading some water on my face. I thought I was in the middle of life and death in the fog.That was miracle to me.

Yes! A HUGE miracle! I was actually saved!!!

That is by far the largest miracle in my life. God, in His own plan (which I have little knowledge of) decided He would save me apparently before the foundations of the world. I got that from the Bible.

I’m astounded He watched me run around blaspheming His name, talking God and Christians down, and sinning like it was going out of style for 40 years…then He SAVED me!

I did not earn it. I did not seek it. I just decided one day to open my dusty Bible and read to find out where I had been lied to about God. And bam! After a reading or two (the whole Bible, cover to cover) I broke down and wept for months in repentance. I did not come up with this idea. The last thing I wanted to be was a Christian. Yet here I am, a Bible believing Christian who reads daily, thanks God daily, and is helped by God daily to be more like Christ.

I have a very long way to go, but looking back, there is no way on earth I could have gotten this far on my own. I know! I tried it as a teenager. It did not work.

But now, because God saved me, my son says “Mom, your personality has changed 180 degrees”. I told him “Thank you!” but I’m not sure he meant it as a compliment. (Will check and make sure it isn’t something I need to repent of to God.)

Whether he meant it as a compliment or not, I take it as one. My son knows me very well, He is 37 years old. That’s a long time to know someone. So he cannot help but see this miraculous change in his mother.

That, to me, is a real bona-fide miracle!

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