Have you experienced God? Have you seen things you cannot explain? Can you share your Testimony of your Faith?

Have you experienced God? Have you seen things you cannot explain?
Can you share your Testimony of your Faith?

Ken Hamm

When my husband died I was devastated. He died in my arms at the hospital. I was in a fog and I walked down to my car got in turned it on the radio started playing. I never listen to the radio but it turned on all by itself and the song started playing He’s got The whole world in his hands. The oldest version you could imagine the one my mom used to sing to me and I know it was him comforting me.

Nina Garcia

I can’t speak of anything of Biblical proportions other than the evening I was born again in March of '73. Since then I’ve had an abiding peace that has never left me, even in my times of rebellion, it’s that peace that always drew me back to Him. But without going into any detail, there have been dozens of times in my life when I received God’s blessing in my life that transcended circumstance and the fruit of which was a confirmation of His deliberate grace.

W Charles Brown

Yes God came to visit me a few years back. I was still backsliding and in my worst patch of life. I was saved as a child but was backsliding after college. My brother had recently became an atheist and was trying to confuse our whole household. I started questioning my faith but God never left my side.One day I was driving home from my nanny job I was super tired and it was late/dark out. So everyone had their night lights on. But in my rear view mirror I saw this light and originally I thought someone had their bright lights on. I looked in my rear view mirror and it was the brightest most blinding light I’ve ever seen in my existence. I was annoyed but when I looked at the headlights only one of the lights was like that. Confused I kept looking and all of a sudden the light jumped from that headlight to the car beside it’s headlight. All the way until it reached my car. Once it got to my car I just ignored it thinking I was super tired. And kept driving.It was hurricane season and was raining daily very badly. So it had started raining and my windshield wipers weren’t doing a good job and I said out loud “ugh it would be nice if this rain would clear up” and before my eyes my windshield cleared up. I also said something along the lines of I wish I had a bigger center console and before my eyes it started expanding. My windshield wipers wouldn’t be working normally they started going from side to side clearing the whole windshield. And then even from up top. I asked my then boyfriend does the windshield have that capability and he told me no. At that point I was scared and started saying if something is in the car make yourself known. My car air freshener hanging in my car started spinning uncontrollably. I was freaked out but I thought ok maybe I’m just tripping. So I waited until my sister was in the car with me to confirm she too could see it. She got in the car one day and I told her “nfia I don’t want to scare u but there’s something in the car I think it’s an angel or Jesus” and she looked at me like I was crazy. I said I’m going to prove it but don’t get scared. Now know I DO NOT play with anything that’s satanic or any type of spirits that’s not of God. That’s one thing I never have done. So I said “if your here spin the freshener” and it started spinning uncontrollably again. My sister had wide eyes and said “WHAT IS THAT?!?” I said idk but it came to me a few days ago. By that point I had a system down and could ask yes or no questions. If the answer was yes it would spin if no it would stay completely still. I remember asking if Jesus was real and it spun. I instantly felt the Holy Spirit and started crying uncontrollably and saying “I KNEW IT I KNEW IT IM SO SORRY JESUS FOR QUESTIONING YOU!!” After that day it was raining badly and I was entering the freeway and it was flooded. I prayed “lord please don’t let my car flood” I had a small Honda and the water literally parted and I was driving on dry ground. He did a lot of other cool things for me but I won’t bore u. But I remember going to work one morning a few days after that and had a scarf on my head still and I said man it would be so cool if I knew how to do a cute bow so I didn’t have to take it off since I had tied it in an ugly knot. And when I looked in the mirror the lord had tied it in a perfect bow. I took a picture to document it and make sure I never forgot that moment. I haven’t shared this with many ppl other than my now husband who was then my bf and my sister who also was there and saw it. But if God can speak to Moses through a burning bush he can speak to me through an air freshener. I haven’t shared this with many ppl because I know ppl will think I’m crazy just like my sister did until she saw it for herself. I pray everyone has a real life experience where they undoubtedly know God is there and real. Mockers and scoffers won’t believe but I know it happened and it grateful. Have a blessed day

Meddy Duh

I seen the sun on a cloudy day when I asked God if he was working on me… because I can feel your love, and presence, I asked can you show me the sun on this cloudy day and the sun shined through on me through the clouds… I asked this in my thoughts… and he hears all… AMEN

Jeff Oakgrove

I was shown in the Bible by my brother, the beginning of the New Testament Church in Acts 1& 2. My brother explained to me that I could have the same experience today. ( June1987). So I was baptised in water at his Church, then I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues ( Acts 2 ).That was enough for me. Fantastic, changed my life incredibly, awesome.

Peter Leesuey

Ken Hamm I am all day every day I am the babe Jesus used to confound the wise old serpent the false prophet a man named Otis Pierce Jesus and i used Parables to confuse and confound even their red Bible as ISAIHA wrote I am the one in the likeness to the son of man Ezekiel I Spoke Words from GOD that are being fulfilled still today As follows Because with idle hands you have sought so much evil I shall take away your left hand so that you may learn to do only that which is right When you stiffen your neck as you often do I shall take away your left foot so that you may learn that you only stand if you stand for that which is right Spoken starting in 2011 started being fulfilled with hurricane season covid made it so you could not stand save for necessities or that which is right All i know is Abortions have to stop before our troubles will end As in Turn and be Healed Robert Victor Allen Amen

Robert Allen