Have you had suicidal thoughts and actions?

Have you had suicidal thoughts and actions?

Sometimes I felt the life is hopeless, my life was a mess. Ending my life maybe is a good choice. I think God He saved me form those kinds of thoughts many times. Do you have similar experience, how do you deal with it?

If you have never had those kinds of thoughts because God saved you from them, what similar experience are you asking about?

You wrote “Ending my life maybe is a good choice.” then contradicted yourself by saying “I think God He saved me form those kinds of thoughts many times.”. UNLESS you meant that God saved you from having those thoughts many more times than the one that prompted you to write that “Ending” your life maybe is a good choice.

I will tell you this: both as a Christian, and as a person who has been both suicidal and very troubled: ending your life won’t take you to a place where there is no pain. If we are not forgiven by God, we are damned by God. And damnation sounds worse than all the horrible things that happened to me as a child.

So give yourself the benefit of time.


And seek professional help. Look for a talk therapist who is skilled in trauma therapy. I recognize a person in deep pain because I have often been that person myself. Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle!

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I had suicidal thoughts before I came to Jesus. But it disappear soon. Most time I feel my life is wonderful. :wink:

I thank God for he saved you from the wrong thoughts. In God there is always hope. Try to know God more and live in His love, then I believe your life will be different.

Amen. God love us and He does not want to see we live a hopeless life. The suicidal thoughts actions are from the thoughts. I think it’s better to have a talk with your pastor.

Yes, I had it before. Because I often felt loneliness, and couldn’t find my value, no one can understand me. Now I have find the way to solve the relationship problem, Jesus is the answer. He shows me the way of reconciliation. When my relationship with God and with others was restored step by step, I found many problems also are fading out. It’s AMAZING! :blush::blush:

Friend, thanks for your reminder, I have changed it. God bless~

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Never will I have this kind of thought. I know there is someone loving me, my parents,and others. God also loves me so much. And my life is His, I don’t have right to end my life.
Believe in Him, He gave a life to you, He will support you all your needs.

This caught my attention. :flushed:
Yes, I have been on that path before, I don’t even think I would be here sharing this if my family did not see me in my room in the middle of hurting myself. It was the darkest time of my life, I lost hope in everything. That is why every time I see or know someone going through the same things I did, I urge them to talk to God because that has made a huge impact of how I see life.