Have you looked up lately?

Have you looked up lately?

As our Earth heals up, the sky is pretty clear these days, it’s difficult to take a bad picture. Just one of the many things we can be grateful for these days.


Hi @eestioko. Yes, it’s really so nice to looked-up everyday or every morning. As I cross the study in a discovery I’ve found many great things happened even things are getting bad with this effect of Pandemic-covid 19. Air pollutions are lessen and a good sign in avoiding Global Warning. And Ozone Layer is coming back to normal. Seeing the sky above while refreshing is a good to relieve. :blush:

Hi there @eestioko…As I was watching the photo you have posted, here comes a photo too that I grabbed in social media which I found earlier today… It brings me into tears that while our planet Earth is healing, there is also our 24/7 Savior shielding us all from this global changes. Let’s continue to praise God for all his goodness! :blush:

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When I read your post, I was beside my window. I looked up and saw this. Ever since, I have always appreciated how beautiful the sky is and how awesome it is that we all live in the same world but have different time. It makes me feel in awe. I praise God for it. Life is so beautiful!

WOW coincident, i just seen my friends post who is working at MDRRMO Delfin albano … its really a good photo… if you notice the clouds on the photo it shaped like an eagle it is an actual photo because he is also responsible for the weather update in their municipality. for me the photo is something that gives good vibes to people … it is an eagle soaring high saying that God loves the earth.

Apology for this picture im sitting on a establishment waiting for my turn. Im buying medicine for my senior parents.
The sky up here is not as clear as that . But i can feel the love of our GOD. Im so thankful today for the shower of blessings everyday. And I love how God give us another day to praise him and worship. Thanks for keeping us safe lord.

I don’t know if it’s OK to just grab any photo from the internet :slight_smile: haha, but yeah, the world is healing. I love it. Portions of ozone layer are covering up and animals are having a grand time walking around human-free environments.

Oh, yeah, btw, the pic I posted was taken by my son. I love photography, and my boy, 14, is now learning it as well. He has several pictures of the clouds, stars and the moon. Earth is breathing free and healthy :slight_smile:

@eestioko: I do apologized for grabbing the photo as I forgot to see the poser of it haha…but yeah I agree, our mother earth is really healing. My salute to your son Sir! He might me a professional and well known photographer soon. Keep it up and keep on practicing. :blush:

Hello, dear @eestioko
Yes, even the air you can feel it different, like the environment has felt the sudden change or absence of the people outside of the world! This is some of the things that drive to believe once more, that this all has a purpose, maybe we can finally understand two things: one the need of God in our daily lives and two the needs of a sustainable development that can maintain the world on his natural self.
We must keep going, but without forgetting God and the health of his creation.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

As I am reading the post and the replies… I remember that the heavens keep declaring the glory of God and God is seated on his throne as a sovereign God.

He is a God of purpose. All things work together for good to those who love God and called according to His purpose.

The Lord filled the earth with His glory.
The skies always paints a new picture to us everyday.
We have a great painter. Are we willing to let painter paint in the canvass of our lives?

Very blessed and grateful to see such beautiful pictures of the sky! Our beloved Earth is finally healing. Everything does happen for a reason! God moves in mysterious ways, all we can do is pray and give Him our utmost trust! God bless everyone!