Have you made someone's life better by a simple act of kindness?

Have you made someone's life better by a simple act of kindness?
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In my own experience wayback when I was still in the Philippines, there is this one person who happened to be our neighbor that needs a work. Let’s just call her by name Marilou. They are in poverty and hardly can eat three times a day. She applied as a cleaner in my parent’s house that’s why I hired her.

In order to sustain their day to day food, I offered to pay her everyday with her rate as well as give her groceries every month. It really felt good on my part as I helped her, as well as happy that she was able to clean my parents house as they are already senior citizens.

P.S. she’s still working with my parents until today.:blush:
How about you? Is there anything you want to share?

I do not know if this is much, but whenever someone tries to like hurt me or pick a fight with me, I just don’t. Instead I act kind around them. I want them to know that hurting people is not the right way to do. Instead of getting mad, I just understand and forgive them. After all of that instead of us being enemies and hate each other our whole lives, we forgave each other and continue to spread kindness.

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
You made me think, and well I remembered this one time, I was checking on my car on the mechanical workshop (which sadly made a bad job, but that’s another story), and there was one man of the street passing by who asked us for money (me, my aunt and the mechanic), we of course gave home the little cash we had.
We forgave for not being able to give him more (here in Venezuela there’s hyper inflation, so cash is almost worthless and there’s not much quantity either), and he was truly grateful he started giving us a little speech of his life and how God was seeing us as we gave him more than we could (as all three ended without cash) and that God itself will remember this and give us good things.
I was moved by his reaction, especially in the way his manner of speaking change, but it was a good feeling at the time. I just regret not being able to help him more at the time.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@Luis_Ruiz: hello there Sir! How are you going? Yes, it is really true that it brings a genuine happiness to us and to the receiver everytime we can share our blessings to them. No matter how small it is, the importance is we give it heartedly. God bless you Sir! Let’s continue to spread kindness the best way we can. :wink:

God has blessed my life more than what I deserve so I always pay it forward. Ever since I was a child, I already knew that God has given me a heart that is ready to serve His people. It warms my heart seeing that even the small things you can do for someone has a huge impact in their life. That is why I decided to pursue a life in a medical field. Every day is an opportunity for RAK! :slight_smile: