Have you studied Isaiah 65:17-25, would love to hear some insight on it?

Have you studied Isaiah 65:17-25, would love to hear some insight on it?

Christy Pearson Hall

1000 year reign of Jesus on earth or the Millenial Kingdom…the New Heavens and the New Earth is different, it is the final destination of those who believed in Jesus.

Oscar Nuňez

New Heavens and New Earth is the time after the final judgement when God will create a New Heaven and New Earth for Believers for all eternity.

Dylan Morrow

Isaiah 65:16-25The new heaven and earth is also mentioned in Revelation 21:1. In Isaiah 65, the New Jerusalem is pictured in much the same way as it is at the end of the Book of Revelation.11 That being said, it is important to notice in v. 20 that d… See more

Dan Maines

This is the glorious heaven on earth for those following in obedience to God an His word. Keeping all HIs commandments and overcoming the world rather than being a part of the world. This is the reward for the few that overcome. Our finite minds cannot… See more

Paul Taylor

It talks about the new heavens and earth, which are created after the 1000 year millennium in heaven, (while Satan is on the desolate earth)

Emily Frazer

It’s talking about how God is going to complete and finalize His kingdom on earth in jerusalem where He will rule and reign over His people .all the sinfulness will be forgotten. We all will meet in the new Jerusalem, no more weeping will be heard nor… See more

Foncella Lewis