Have your whole family believed in the Lord?

Have your whole family believed in the Lord?

No, I haven’t. I’m still praying for my family to believe in Jesus.

Aimost, after more than 10 years pray, 5 members of my family almost believe in God. Only my brother, i have faith to pray more.

@Jianqiu Yes each member of my family is believing to our Lord God.
My parents are both member of a charismatic group on our nearby church.
They influence us to believe in Him and Surrender to God the things you have been worrying. They have a weekly activities, its a larger gathering composing of 500 to 1000 people. They are all worshiping God and listening to the words of Christ.

Yes my whole Family believed and saved by the Lord I’m thankful to God because i see my family and I served and worshipping the Lord. I pray to God also your family believed and saved by Him just trust Him in His timing.

Hello, dear @Jianqiu
I entered the post for two reasons! One to answer it: yes, my whole family believes and follows the Lord teachings, some more than others, but we always reunite and celebrate in the name of God the majority of things, for example, every day when eating we bless the food and thank God for it, each day changing the person who makes the prayer. And two, to read some of your testimony, I will pray for you and your family members… I feel lucky to have been born in such a caring and religious family, I hope you feel the same some day!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hi @Jianqiu! Yes, my whole family believes in God. I am very happy and thankful that they do. Before this pandemic began, my mom goes to church almost every day. She encourages us and makes sure that we also attend the mass every Sunday. Our family prays together every night before we sleep. It feels really good. :blush:

Yes @Jianqiu Yes I thank God for my Family and Im Happy that my family believed in the Lord seeing them worshipping God is the best gift in my Life Im so thankful to God.

Unfortunately, no. My brother is an atheist but we find ways for him to see God’s goodness. We feel like he just got influenced by his peers. I pray for him.