Having faith in God is complicated

Having faith in God is complicated: in happy, positive times, it is easy to forget that God carried you along the way, and in difficult times it is easy to blame Him. I have looked at my faith from a narcissistic lense too often, desiring a reward for being faithful to God. I forget that faith is the reward. Believing in the Lord is what gives me peace and joy, hope and power. In happy times or times of any trouble, we are comforted by God (2 Corinthians 1: 3-4). Let us rejoice in His holy name!

Chrissy Williams

And that’s the truth

Scoop Mendenhall

Lord help me to stay close to you

Shirley Aldridge

Well said !! Thank You Lord for all Your blessings AMEN

Patty Mcneice

Amen God is good

Mel Thomas