He is Holy, but he was also human

We are trying to sell a holy God, sinless savior, a perfect deity, that the world cannot relate to
Yeshua (Jesus) worked, he sweated, he ate, he slept. He got hungry and thirsty and tired. He laughed; he cried; he knew pain and sorrow. But most of all he had compassion and true grit.
Everyone can relate to these things, and salvation is all about relationship.
Did you realize there were two things God did not know? (1) fear, and (2) what it was like to be human.
Whoever we want to lead into the kingdom needs to be able to understand that Yeshua loves us, and he understands us because he has experienced Life as we know it. He is Holy, but he was also human.
If you don’t know how to introduce your pre-believing friend or family member to Yeshua, pray for the right opportunity and be prepared to present Him as one who knows their heart.

Barbara Zebleckis

God love & His grace is sufficient enough. Your 1. & 2. Things you said about God not knowing fear & being human, so who do you think Jesus is then? God knows it all. Read His word.

Da’Sha M. Bentley

Some plant and some water and God gives the increase. Don’t trip over your presentation. Be you be humble. And let god bring faith alive.

Larry Anthony Quintana

Your first sentence shows where your understanding is. We don’t have to sell anything, we have to give the gospel and let the Holy Spirit do the work. I urge you right now to trust Jesus Christ to save you and become filled with the Holy Spirit so you… See more

Sam Piazza