He must be so tried of mess we've made. Forgive us, Lord! Heal our land!

He must be so tired of the mess we’ve made. Forgive us Lord, and don’t give up on us! Heal our land!

We know that “He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable” (Isaiah 40:28) and so God never gets tired nor does He need to rest at any time. He is our loving God that doesn’t get tired of protecting us… Let us certainly do our part too.

One of the greatest lies the enemy throws our way is that there’s a limit on how many times we can ask for forgiveness. If the enemy can get us to believe that, then we will be caught in a cycle of fear and hopelessness. But God stands, arms open wide, extending the greatest gift of all: relationship and community with Him. But if the enemy can twist scriptures and get you to believe that God is capricious, unreliable, and conditional in His forgiveness, then you will be an impotent and ineffective Christian. God chooses imperfect people and any distance or resistance in our relationship with God is birthed in misconceptions and misperceptions of what we think God should do for us and what we should do for Him. God’s heart is for you and not against you.

Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Thats a very good reflection to have… Especially now when the world is in such state of chaos, we got to learn to think more about the Lord, more about God… For example, even if we are experts on any matter, we don’t want to be doing it all the time from the beggining, right? Wellwhy can’t we think about the Lord on the same way, we must try to love him just as he loves us… So why can’t we make his work a little more easier? He gave us the Bible as a guide, and Jesus Christ as an example! So let’s be better! In the name of God, amen!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.