He rises again

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He rises again


A man with God in their hearts will overcome his crisis. As long as you choose to be on his side God will never leave you, God will lift you up from ground. You can always find hope in God side.

Thanks @Jenny for posting this…All of us stumble and fall in life, but we have the freedom to move forward… we experience challenges and opportunities to give up and be defeated. Sometimes life knocks you right down, but if God is on your side, it cannot knock you out! God is the only one who will never let you down in your hour of need…as always! :blush:

No matter how many times we fall down and when life drag us over and over again, as human, we will always rise up and do it a thousand times again. No one is exempted for life’s ups and downs. Everyone will experience something that will either break them or make them. Life without struggles is life without meaning and progress. We will always rise up even if life shows us the worst and gives us all the reasons to be hopeless. But God will give us one reason to not give up. Him. Our faith to God. Believe that He is just preparing us and make sure that we are ready when the devil throws his weapon at us. He will give us strength and wisdom to fight all the battles. He will never leave us.

Hello @Jean its true even we fall down how many times God will surely extend His hands to us to pick us up God will never leave us behind He is there to guide us and protect us no matter what. All we need is to trust Him and know Him more.