He’s a good, good Daddy

He’s a good, good Daddy

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

I’ll tell you my friends, the harder this world gets, the more I love, LOVE our God.

You see I cling to the cross, the Rock of all ages, because He is the One
Who will never disappoint us.
Man may reject us and hurt us, but that isn’t how God regards us.

So anytime you’re feeling weary and tired, take a seat at the fathers feet and rest a spell.
Heavens got plenty of room on Papa’s porch and He’ll even invite you up to sit on his lap for a while, even to snuggle.
Heck you can sit there all day long, or just until you feel refreshed enough to go back to life again.

He’s a good, good Daddy.
But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want us to straighten up and fly right.
He is the best One to call on if you need some advice, or a strong shoulder to cry on.
He will let you talk His ear off if you like because that’s just who He is.

So when the world has you feeling low, just remember we serve a God that never slumbers, or rests.
So pull up a seat.

He’ll leave a light on for you.

Hello @faithpixel Yes its true. Our breakthrough is on the way. Don’t be discouraged if things are not working out right now. God is working it all out behind the scenes. It may not come when you want, but trust that it will be right on time, because our God is an on time God.

Wow, this is very beautiful. Thank you so much for this, @faithpixel. A wonderful reminder that we have someone, the Lord God, who is always by our side willing to help us. We have a loving and good father. I have always been longing for a father that I can openly talk to because me and my father are not that close and open with each other. Never knew that what I have always been longing for, I found in the Lord God.

This is so timely @faithpixel…whenever I am feeling down, upset and depress; I talk to God immediately…it is just days ago that I suffer from depression again, and unconsciously wasn’t able to control my emotions and forget to call God as I am so angry…but afterwards that I was calm, I said sorry a lot of times to God and tell him everything…As of today, I was back on track… I write all my thoughts in a piece of paper and burn it as a sign to release all the negative vibes I have in my life…and it is my way of communicating to God too aside from praying…

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I love you Lord, a heart felt reality of who our God is. My favorite line here is “Man may reject us and hurt us, but that isn’t how God regards us”, yes it is true that our confidence in our fellow men will really be disappointing, we end up being upset and down. But it will never happen with God, we can vent out anything to God and we can trust Him that He will take care and He will listen to us, we end up with a feeling of being loved and comforted.