He saved mew and delievered me that day. I got up never the same an so can you

August 25th was my birthday, It was also my sisters wedding anniversary and the day my grandfather died of cancer an went to heaven. In 2012 I got one of the best presence I could have ever ask for. I was sitting in the hospital of my cousin Tammy on my birthday. I ask the Lord to take her home to heaven to be with him. Three days later he did.
You see Tammy had got saved almost two years before that. She was dying from Cirrhosis of the liver, Because of all the drugs and alcohol she did. There was a time she couldnt feed herself, She had seziures and she couldn’t control her bodly fluids. I saw her at times hurt so bad that she would beg God to take her on to heaven. She is in a better place.
About eight months before she died, I had a dream or vision. I can’t remember which one. In the spirit I saw her face, she looked asleep or like she had died. But all I know is that she had a look of peace on her face. I also seen her face turned toward a window where there was a bright light with white smoke coming out. I couldn’t see out the window all I had was a side view.
So I went an seen her the next day, She told me about a dream or a vision she had. She said she saw a bright light. She said she saw a man dressed in white, He had a white beard and white hair. I ask her if it looked like wool, She said yes, She also said she saw fog, I ask her if it looked like smoke, She said yes, She had about the same peaceful look on her face when I saw her in that hospital room after passéd away.
I heard that 1 in ever 33 or 35 people make it out of drug addiction. Tammys death reminded me of where God brought me from when I was a drug addict and alcoholic. I told God I didn’t want to be a drug addict and alcoholic anymore. He saved mew and delievered me that day. I got up never the same an so can you.

Paul Sweat

Thank you for your testimony. God is good!

Angela Curtis

““Come unto Me saith theLord, and I shall answeryou. Draw near unto Me,as I shall draw near untothee. For where I AM, ye shall be there also.-servant of the Most High God. AMEN and Amen.””

Richard France

God is good! Amen

Ting Chung

God bless you…

Dulce Alicante

God bless you Amen god is always good

Louann Emmons

God heal those with drug and acholic addiction…Amen

Ding Sing Lee

Thank you for sharing God is with us always I thank God you excepted Him. Now you are a part of Gods Family. March forward my friend

Robin Black