He will carry you cross. When you aren’t able to anymore. Never ever forget this

I am going to share with you one of the greatest personal revelation the Lord gave me about help in times of. I know this help someone. The Lord told me. When Jesus fail under the weight of his cross. Because he could not carry it any more.The Lord said, Because a man picked up the cross carried the rest of the way for Jesus.The Lord said, was going to do the same for me. He said, When I fall under the weight of my cross that life gives me. The Lord said, That the Holy Ghost was going to pick up my cross and carry it the rest of the way for me. Because I fail under the weight of my trial.
When I got saved, I had been in years and years of addiction. I finally was to the end of my rope. I got honest and told the Lord. I didnt want to be a drug addict and alcoholic any more. I ask Jesus to forgive me of all my sins and to come into my heart. He saved me. When I got up. had lost the desire to get high and drunk. I was different So can you right where your at. God will saved and deliver you. He will carry you cross. When you aren’t able to anymore. Never ever forget this.
God Bless

Paul Sweat

Thank you for this. I have so many family members addicted to alcohol and drugs. Breaks my heart everyday. I pray that someday they will overcome it and come to Christ Jesus

Alisha Nicole Genovese-Green

Jesus will make a way where there seem to be no way. He is no respecter of persons… He loves everyone the same !

Bobbie Britt

Praise God hallelujah, I read ur story & a lil bit about ur cousin… I’m so happy for you n her, I pray GOD will bless you richly!! My last ex of 27 yrs, he was a full blown alcoholic for 19 of those yrs, started when he was about 9.I prayed for yrs n so did couktkess others, God finally delivered him 14 yrs ago. Only, after 8 he divorced me for a Jezebel, but it was the doings of God also. I’m very glad God did!! Best of luck!!!

Diane Roberts

Praise God

Bonnie Bishop Byrd Gardner


Bobet Cruz

Amen!! Love this!!! May I repost???

Rob Furnari


Karen Bush