Hi! Have you ever been to a nondenominational church where every Sunday seems to be a rock concert?

Hi! Have you ever been to a nondenominational church where every Sunday seems to be a rock concert? Complete with lights, fog machines and a full band? Is it just me or do churches like this seem decidedly cult like and/or something feels off about shredding on an electric guitar to worship? Sorry if I offend anyone but I’m genuinely curious how people feel about ‘modern day’ churches?

Jennifer Englehart

I like the traditional church where we sing the true hymns . They have more meaning than that load banging noise that’s sung over and over! There is nothing prettier than Amazing Grace etc!

Karen Shipley

Instruments grow old in use and sound so it’s replaced by much modern ones. When you are a musician and enter a music shop tell me that your eyes don’t light up when you see all the lovely shiny musical instruments. Lights I like but not flickering lig… See more

Tholsee Reddy

Well I’ve been to churches where it was so low key you almost fall asleep and to churches where it’s so loud you want cover your ears at times; and I say that as a guy who loves loud rock like Zep. As a player in multiple worship teams over a 40+ year … See more

Brian Hank Becker

I belong to a nondenominational church that sings Christian Contemporary music. I have chosen this church due to the missions aspect of the church. Yes. I do like the music but this is a church that is spreading the word by helping the community. I … See more

Amanda Daviau

I think it depends on congregants. That’s why Christianity is so great–we can all feel like we belong somewhere and no one church is perfect for everyone. I like some of the “old hymns” and sing in my Presbyterian church choir, but I also love newer m… See more

Alison Brooks

The messages in the songs move me, regardless of whether it’s somber, traditional worship or contemporary, heavy instruments… I’m listening for the lyrics, the message… I’m elevated when the music is contemporary and I’m introspective when it’s traditi… See more

Bridgette Donaldson