Historic St. John's Church near White House torched by rioters

The parish office at the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lafayette Square near the White House in Washington, D.C., was torched as riots escalated Sunday night.

Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke was at the scene to report that the church had been vandalized with graffiti and the basement nursery set on fire.

“It does appear that St. John’s Church is on fire, the parish office,” Corke said. “We went downstairs, and it is on fire.”

“This is awful. We saw graffiti, once the door was broken, we saw something similar happen earlier, and as you can see there’s definitely a fire here,” he said a half-hour before the city’s 11 p.m. curfew.

Why on earth people will include to destroy establishments such as Church?:pensive::pensive::pensive:…It makes me sad seeing those news about the rioters and looters… they had already left a lot of damages in every establishments they break…Lord, I know it is not your will that your people fight against their fellowmen…May you bless the whole world and let us heal all…

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
I know these are not feelings that God likes and that it’s just material stuff at the end of the day… But this makes me so much angry!!! Why on earth would they do something like these? What does the church have done against black lives? The church of recent times has always given their support for all lives… This people are just being savages, what does this have to do with Black lives?
Citing the Lord, Jesus Christ: Luke 23:34 (NCV) Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing.”
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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What is wrong with this people? Why did they want to include churches in their issues.Lord hear me as I pray for those people who did this,please have mercy on them and lead them to the right path.

Why they want to put their anger on churches? everything is happening? it’s not literally related to church, everybody want is PEACE. No fighting, forgive and punished those who sins.

People struggle and immediately forget the wonders God has done for them :persevere: They think they know better, they think they are in control. It is very easy for them to forget the Lord’s sacrifices the moment they don’t feel well or satisfied with the situation :persevere:

We all have to understand that racism is a man-made issue. Humans made this issue. The Lord God has nothing to do with this. If this is their way of showing that they are angry, it is not right. Racism is a problem risen due to a lack of moral values, we humans are the cause of this, leave the Lord out of this. :sob:

This is heart breaking and sad! What started as a fight for human equality and a protest to air out sentiments and seek justice, has become rage and acts of violence and unlawfulness. But this is a harsh reality of how corrupted our minds are, are we better than them? I don’t know and I could not be a judge of that. Hence what’s sad is that even respecting the house of God in no longer observed. Being unlawful and causing riots might be a result of a spur of the moment, they might have been agitated by circumstances, but to burn down the dwelling place of our Almighty God is something else. The question now is how should we react as Christians, should we show our anger towards these people? My sincere answer is, no! We should instead use our most powerful weapon and that is to pray. Pray for them that they might realize the things they have, pray for mercy that God’s wrath will not be upon them. It is a duty that we should take on as Christian soldiers.

@Jimmy_Ka why they are all doing this. Just to make them happy?
It is so hard to build a church technically speaking they need lots of money or donations , fund raising to build a church. but this people have no faith in God sorry for being a judgmental person fellas. Lord show them your way, This is your house we know that this is not your will help them to find peace in their heart.