Holy Week Reflection

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Holy Week Reflection

It’s Holy Week, I hope we all take time to reflect and think about life, how important and precious it is for each and everyone of us.
I would love to know some of your reflection, hoping that it will encourage those who will read it. Thank You ! God Bless

Hello, dear @Jedidiah,
Even with the extraordinary situation we are living, we don’t have to forget the holy week and what it meant for Jesus, the suffering and pain he took for us.
With that, as every year, I always think and meditate what to do to be better and to be little by little more like Jesus, even if it’s impossible to be just like him. I have always take it as an habit, because I think we can’t take for granted what Jesus gave for us.
This year, I’m still reflecting on what I really want to give up and change for the better, still it revolves around being more kind for others. I still don’t know how to proceed with it in this situation, but I think about something.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.