How can an infinitely holy god forgive sin?

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How can an infinitely holy god forgive sin?

Sin is against an infinitely holy God so the punishment is also infinite. But thank the Lord Jesus Christ, in His great love for sinners, came to fully absorb the wrath of God for us upon His own Person; the wrath that sinners like us deserve, so that all who are united to Him will receive His bountiful mercy. This doctrine is perhaps the most sobering in the Bible, but it also teaches us to love our enemies, to do good to those who hate us, to bless those who curse us, and pray for those who abuse us. Because God was kind to ungrateful and evil men like us, so we should likewise be merciful, and extend our love to enemies, even as our Father was merciful to us when we were His enemies. (see Luke 6:27-36).

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Yes its true, God is a holy God but at the same time God is rich in mercy so the forgiveness is one of the nature of God.

God has many attributes for example God is Righteous and God is love, so if there is a sin God is a righteous judge must judge and give punishment but at the same time God is love …so what this amazing God do is he took the punishment of human sin because of his love toward human.

Think of the Law in our land. If a guilty man stands before a judge, and someone pays the full fine, the judge is a good judge when he says “This man is guilty, but someone has paid his fine in full, and therefore he may go.”

That is how God does this with us. We are guilty! All of us! God sent His Only Son to die on a cross and pay the price for our sins - this is called redemption.

If we repent of our sins, and turn whole heartedly to Christ as our Savior and Master, our sins are counted as PAID IN FULL and God can righteously forgive us.

First of all we need to understand what is holiness of God…the Holiness of God is not about committing sin rather God is perfect which means not only absence of negative but the presence of positiveness which is forgiving, merciful, loving enemies…so on.

Because Jesus Christ died for our sin before, now and future, God can forgive our sin.

I’m curious how you deal with God’s wrath so often spoken of in the Bible, @JoshuaJones

Through Jesus Christ we can know that this holy God has forgiven our sins; He is not only the One of holy, but also the One of love.

I don’t think God forgives sin but forgives sinners. God has judged sin through Jesus Christ.

Good question. God is a loving and merciful God, yet is also a holy and just God. According to Hebrew 9:22 without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. That’s why Jesus had to come and die for us on the cross, so that we can be forgiven.