How can I be sure that my interpretation of the scriptures are right?

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How can I be sure that my interpretation of the scriptures are right?

There are so many interpretations for every scripture. How can I be sure that my interpretation of the scripture is correct or for that matter how can I believe that any scriptural interpretation is right?

This question is really worth thinking about.I usually do this:

I will first read over and over again the passage I have chosen through prayer, and over and over again meditate the contens of the verses.I will do my best to let go of preconceived notions and just study the scriptures themselves.

I look up a lot of reference books for this passage.Such as the interpretation of biblical nouns, scripture background, author introduction and so on.I can understand the meaning of this passage very well through this process.

Then I will look up the relevant scriptures and use them to understand the scriptures, which will help me understand God’s word more deeply.

Finally, I will integrate the grace I have received through prayer, and then ask God to lead me in the process of preaching according to his will.As you said, every text may have many interpretations.So I will leave in God’s hands what I am going to share with others, and ask him to lead me.I don’t know much, but if God wants to use it, it can help a lot of people know God.Just like the child mentioned in the bible, when he took out his only five loaves and two fish, the Lord Jesus performed a miracle to feed the people.So I don’t blame myself for trying to be perfect. I just want to do my best to prepare and then ask God to use it.

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i think if you can reach to the Bible background. That is true.
You can find and change.

Pray before reading and ask that the Savior would enlighten you as you read with His Holy Spirit.

Then study solid versions:
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
King James Version (KJV)
New King James Version (NKJV)
In other words, look for versions that are closer to “word for word” (on the left of the chart) and stay away from the “thought for thought” (on the right of the chart).

I could go on, but a chart might be more helpful:

Private, or personal “interpretations” get twisted. Read the foot notes the cross references. These have been put together by many Biblical scholars and can be extremely helpful. Also, NEVER just read one verse. Context, context, context. Always remember that.

Thank you for your sharing. it is very helpful!

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