How can I be sure they don’t go to hell?

My son has told me recently that he does not believe in god. I am very upset and scared for him because he was raised Christian by my husband and I. He does not take my grandchildren to church and I weep most days and pray for their salvation. How can I be sure they don’t go to hell? Thank you

Sally West

Just continue praying. I used to be the same way. Not believing in God I mean. I was raised Christian all my childhood but fell off that wagon when I turned 18. And my dad and step mom and so many old friends from church prayed for me for many many ye… See more

Brandon Shell

Keep praying and trust God , my son lost his faith , I always knew God had a plan for him not he is a strong believer in God hallelujah, God bless u all

Karys Hamilton

Just keep on praying God is listening 0trust in him I am the same my Children won’t listen but I back off, keeping on at them, because if you don’t, they will go further away just trust in God, and keep praying. God is will answer our prayers in hiss… See more

Carol Juniper