How can I get up at dawn and pray?

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How can I get up at dawn and pray?

How can I get up at dawn and pray?

It’s not easy for me, too. But I have a suggestion. When you go to bed early, It will be helpful to get up at dawn. We need to throw away night time boldly. Imagine getting up early in the morning and doing what you should do at night.

it is not easy for me too. i think you can get grace from Bible, and pray for yourself, Then you can get up.

Ask the Help of the Holy Spirit, he is your helper. I am sure He will help.

Go to bed earlier^^

I think you should think about for what you have to pray. Before sleeping, make a list for pray.

  1. Pray to God that you want to get up early and pray, ask Holy spirit to help.
  2. God to bed earlier, and set alarm.
    3, Maybe first 3days, make up mind to insist.
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Here’s how I overcame this problem: I made sure to go to bed early every day, so I could get up early, and then I made sure that no matter how sleepy I was, I would never go to sleep.This will ensure that you go to bed early at night and get up early the next day.I used to have the habit of taking a lunch break. I found that I could not go to bed early because of lunch break, so I got rid of this habit.So I can get up in the morning.You can try.