How can i insist on reading Bible every day in busy time?

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How can i insist on reading Bible every day in busy time?

first we should have the right understanding about reading bible and prayer because right understanding leads to life of order…reading bible is allowing God to ts said talk with, Jesus said you can do nothing without me…so in our life the first place must be given to GOD

How can i insist on reading Bible every day in busy time?

why we have busy time because many unnecessary things occupied our time…so now even in the busy time if we spend time with God by meditating the Word and prayer our time will be organized

God gave this life so first place must be given to God

I agree with ElizabethWilson that reading Bible or praying to God can help us organize our time better, although it seems that reading will spend our time. I read Bible in the morning or night(the spare time) every day. I think quiet time can help us read the scriptures better. You can try getting up early in the morning to read it.

Thanks for replying me. i really realize that i cannot communite with God with Bible. Then i do not want to insist on reading Bible.

Once open your eye, first read bible, 3 chapter only take 10-15 minutes to read. Make up mind to read bible and have breakfast after then.

Hi @patri12 Good to see you still here!

I finally realized the only way I can INSIST on Bible reading time every day is to get up earlier, much earlier, so that I am not disturbed.

Another good thing about making it first is my brain isn’t quite up to fighting it, just reading it is good.
An additional good thing is that as long as I’m not fully awake I can’t come up with the thousand excuses for putting it off until I’m at the end of my day and too tired.

I don’t answer the phone in these early hours, I do not answer the door in these early hours.

When I am done reading in the morning, THEN I can move on with my day and have infused my mind with scripture yet again.