How can I love the one who doesn't want to change her sinful behavior that hurt me

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How can I love the one who doesn't want to change her sinful behavior that hurt me

If she hasn’t realized this, talk with her; but if she has realized this but still intentionally reject to change even after talking with her about this, you should talk with her spiritual leader about this and continue praying for her.

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How can I love the one continually with love of God who doesn’t want to change her sinful behavior that hurt me? For 3 years I have known her. I prayed for her and talked with her in the church. But as for now I can’t do it. Whenever I listen to Word of God, I feel like God want me to fo further. But I think need some wisdom. Because I don’t want to make same relationship like before with her.

i will tell her stop to hurt me. i will pray for her.

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Thank you for your answers. It helps me.

  1. Pray! Talk to God about every relationship you invest time in. Pray before you go to visit/chat with a friend, pray during your visit and pray afterward. Pray, pray, pray about your relationships!

  2. Check with someone you know has your best interest at heart. When I was a kid I would talk to my grandma about my friends. She would say, “Honey, those are acquaintances; friends don’t treat you like that.” I would assure her that they were indeed my friends (mostly because they were the only people who were remotely close to being friends) even if they didn’t act like it. Now as an adult, it is generally my husband who reminds me to be careful with my heart. Some people are just people you know, not soul-sisters. Even if you wish they were!

  3. Recognize that all your friends and family members are indeed human and will let you down – you will do the same to them too. So don’t make perfection the price tag for intimacy.

  4. Recognize that if you feel lonely in the friendship department, it might be because God wants you to lean into Him more right now instead of being distracted with people. Cultivate your relationship with the Lord first and foremost!

  5. When offenses in relationships come your way, ask the Lord how He wants you to respond. Forgiveness is a given, but perhaps He isn’t requiring you to remain so close or maybe He wants you to lovingly confront the other person. Check your motive for being close to the person. Is this a healthy, Christ-centered relationship?

  6. Consider how your relationships center around God. The relationships that have Jesus as the center (ie. we talk about Scripture, pray for each other, etc.) are the ones that are most precious. So apply grace liberally in those relationships.

Finding balance in relationships isn’t easy! But at the end of the day, our heart belongs to our Lord! It is of great worth to Him, and no longer belongs to us. May we all grow in wisdom to know the true cost of our heart and guard it with honor.

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Matthew 5:44
But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

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