How can I not be a people pleaser?

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How can I not be a people pleaser?

I find myself pleasing people wherever I go. I wait for the approval of people. It really hurts me when I do that and I don’t want to be one.

I have heard answer get approval from God alone. But he is invisible. In my day to day life I work with people and therefore wait for their approval.

What are some of your thoughts on this? How can I not be a people pleaser?

You have to love yourself more. Boost your self-esteem. Everyone of us get to work and meet people everyday. Control your thoughts, if you will always think of what people say to you then you are not glorifying God.

I suggest that you make your every move for God and love yourself more. The truth is you cannot please people, the one that you can only is yourself and God.

Read the bible more and pray everyday. You can do it.