How can i understand the concept of trinity?

Hello guys… I need your help… How can i understand the concept of trinity? And why are at the same time there are god, father and son?.. Can anyone explain this… Tq… :relaxed:

the Father - Position-ally
the Son - Functionally
the Holy Spirit - Spirit Being

the concept of trinity is broad subject its understood and convicted only by personal revelation, i can share my personal revelation… God is One but he exist as Father, Son(Word) and Holy Spirit…it means Position-ally he is Father of all because he crated all things, God is speaking God so he do all things by the word so functions through Word(Son) and finally God is spiritual being not materiel so His whole Being is Spirit so God is Holy Spirit

First of all, Christians don’t believe in three Gods. That’s a heresy called Tritheism. Second, we don’t believe that the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are three “forms” of God—like, steam, water and ice. That’s the heresy called Modalism. Third, we don’t believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are “parts” or “pieces” or God. That would imply that Jesus is 1/3rd God, the Father is 1/3rd God, and the Holy Spirit is 1/3rd God.

For example human, we have physical body and spirit.

To understand this concept, you need to read bible more and meditate more. At the same time read many book. It will help a lot.

It will take some time to understand it. However have faith unto God. Like a kid, even they don’t understand many things, but they keep growing.

I think we can answer you briefly, but that shouldn’t be enough.I suggest you read the book of systematic theology, which has a very detailed explanation.This is very helpful for you to resolve the problem clearly.

i think you do need think the image of Trinity. You can just think about Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three in one. They are connect with love relationship. Then you can understand.